WAVE Weed Control is now Heatweed Technologies

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WAVE Europe B.V.
WAVE Europe B.V.

WAVE is the most effective and low-energy method for non-chemical weed control. The WAVE method eradicates all sorts of weeds, algae and moss with the aid of thermal weed control, or killing weeds with hot water. WAVE offers the best price-quality ratio, is environment-friendly and sustainable, suitable for all paved surfaces, works safely and without causing damage and supports and advises the customer in the area of weed control. In brief: The best solution!


Glyphosate is an extremely effective anti-weed agent, but has the disadvantage that certain weeds are resistant, such as dandelion, plantain (plantago) and mosses. The appearance quality…

CO2 reduction

WAVE is the only weed control method to work CO2-neutrally by compensating for the low CO2 emissions from the vehicles via the Trees for All programme.

Efficient water consumption

The WAVE machines are able to filter surface water. After use, the surface water flows back into the natural surroundings, uncontaminated and in full, forming a sustainable cycle.


Independent research shows that the hot water of WAVE offers the highest quality with the lowest energy consumption per m2.

  • Heatweed and Max Holder take over WAVE Weed Control B.V.

    Scandinavian Heatweed Technologies AB and German, world renowned manufacturer Max Holder GmbH take over the business of former WAVE Weed

  • Antea Group and Wave Weed Control sign partner agreement

    Antea Group and Wave Weed Control ratify the knowledge in the area of ​​weed control on pavement by signing a

  • WAVE Weed Control bv is taking the next step in making weed management more sustainable.

    The Dutch municipality of Eindhoven (Ergon) has put a new system into use. The system will become an important link