WAVE Weed Control is now Heatweed Technologies

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WAVE Europe B.V.

Area of application

The WAVE machines have been developed for weed control in the open air. Through the use of hot water in combination with low expulsion pressure, WAVE is suited to all paved and semi-permeable paved surfaces. The wheel pressure of the mounted machines can be lowered through the use of special tyres.

Even treatment of artificial grass is possible.
Targeted work can be done with the low expulsion pressure right up to the outer wall without damage being caused. The hand-operated side-sprayers facilitate treating weeds next to outer walls, fences and in the gutter. By using hot water with low, standard tap pressure, no damage can be caused to paving elements. This applies also to porous water-permeable paved surfaces, as well as natural stone. There is no fire hazard, no dust, no damage to cars / lampposts / outer walls, and no steel fragments are left behind.

You will find below the various areas of application and which machines are the most suitable for them.