WAVE Weed Control is now Heatweed Technologies

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Museum / amusement parks

Open air museums have collections that have to be looked after and that are unique. Weed control should not jeopardise the collection in any manner whatever. The WAVE method (boiling hot water) is safe for all your artefacts. Hot water is not a fire hazard - something that cannot be excluded with other methods. The method with hot water is extremely effective as a result of the natural property of hot water of being able to transfer energy to the plant. A safe and clean way of keeping your grounds presentable without risk. The WAVE method is characterised by achieving an optimal result with low frequency. The method has the lowest total cost of ownership. Amusement parks have a large number of visitors on their grounds, which show off the quality of the park through their appearance. Weed control is an aspect of this. The WAVE method is well suited to boiling the weeds during opening hours through its low frequency and quiet machines. The most suitable machines that can be used are shown in bold, and depending on the site size, other choices can be made from the machines in standard type: