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Pavements / Sidewalks

Pavements are cleared of undesirable growth to ensure the functionality of the paved surfaces. Over the medium term, this can cause unevenness and the danger of people falling. Allowing these areas to become dirty is also undesirable from an aesthetic viewpoint. The WAVE method (boiling hot water) is characterised by an effective approach to unwanted plant growth. The impact of the water on the plant is great, with the result that the frequency of treatment is considerably lower that with other (thermal) methods. The use of the WAVE machines, which can work in all nooks and crannies, is highly valued by many site managers. The sensor technology, in combination with the high-yield boilers, ensures that your municipality can work well within the Euro 6 standard. The method lends itself extremely well to an integrated approach to the external areas. The low pressure that characterises the method ensures extremely good operation on semi-permeable paved surfaces. This results in a lowest total cost of ownership with respect to other (hot water) methods. The most suitable machines that can be used are shown in bold, and depending on the site size, other choices can be made from the machines in standard type: