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Through the use of hot water as energy carrier to boil the weeds, an extremely good outcome is secured with a measured quantity of water. On the one hand this is achieved through the intensive effect of the water on the cellular structure, and on the other through the effect of the water percolating through to the root neck. In the comparative study carried out by P. Kristoffersen, the frequency and energy consumption of various weed control methods were charted.

This is the sole comparative study in Europe carried out independently of suppliers and users.
The research revealed that hot water offered the best quality with the least effort. With respect to the hot water ‘full-field’ method investigated, WAVE saved at least 50% in water and thus energy.
This research resulted in a follow-up study that investigated which methods really killed weeds. The interim results of this new investigation are very positive on the use of hot water as weed exterminator.

Energy Consumption per m²
In order to make a fair comparison of energy consumption, Joules per m² per year is the most suitable.
The WAVE Sensor Series 400/34 consumes around 90 litres of fuel per day (around 2 ha, depending on variables in the situation such as weed cover and weather conditions). However, WAVE has the lowest energy consumption per m² compared with the size of the surface area treated, in combination with the limited number of applications per year, to a maximum of four (see research by Pelle Kristoffersen).
We compensate for the CO2 that is emitted despite our relatively low energy consumption per m² via Trees for All.
WAVE is the only method for controlling weeds and green scale that is CO2-neutral.