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WAVE Europe B.V.
WAVE Europe B.V.

The challenge

Develop a sustainable effective weed control technology, totally safe to the Public, Children, Pets and the Environment

WAVE was founded in 2004. Together with our specialized technical team and proven in numerous scientific studies, WAVE developed the most efficient, effective and environmental friendly technology in weed control. WAVE technology delivers effective weed control, safe to the public, children, pets and the environment by using only water!

A natural, sustainable concept

Water as an essential element in nature is safe to humans, pets and the environment. The WAVE technology builds on this concept by optimizing the use of hot water to deliver a killing energy dose to weeds that come in contact with the hot water. Weeds are killed with low pressure and a thin layer of 98-100 °C hot water. No Chemicals! (Steam is not used, because steam rises by nature which results in considerable loss of contact and therefor killing potential of the spray on the target weeds).

Targeted work can be done with this low pressure (max 30 PSI) without damage to surfaces and surroundings.

The energy transferred by the hot water to the target weeds destroys the plant's cellular structure. The above ground parts of the weeds die off, and with subsequent treatments the roots become increasingly depleted and regrowth diminishes.

Water: the Vital Element
in WAVE technology

WAVE has developed several machines
to deliver and apply the technology.

The WAVE Professional Series consists of 3 manual machines and 3 self-propelled mounted machines.
  • Self-Propelled Machine

    Self-Propelled Machines

    The mounted machines possess large capacity and high efficiency. The mounted machines can be mounted or dismounted from a track-following equipment carrier of choice. With the high-tech WAVE Sensor Series with patented weed detection technology the spray of a thin layer of hot water is directed by infra-red sensors on demand only. Only the weeds are sprayed, thereby significantly extending the range and capacity of the sprayer.

    All the machines can be filled directly with surface or municipal water. During use the water flows back un-contaminated into the natural surroundings, thus forming a sustainable cycle. The safe and easy operation in combination with the low pressure means that the machines can be used on practically all surfaces. As an added benefit the machines can be used as a hot water pressure cleaner. The hot water spray is also effective in suppressing algae and moss.

  • Manual Machine

    Manual Machines

    These units are outstandingly suited to small to medium-sized surfaces and for touching up work. Operation is extremely accurate as a result of the use of a hand-held lance, and inaccessible places can also be treated. These machines are also suited to cleaning work. The machines can be transported on a trailer or pick-up.

  1. Self-Propelled Machine /
  2. Manual Machine
A safe, clean and a well
maintained environment

Who can benefit
from WAVE

More and more municipalities in North America are restricting or even banning the use of pesticides in public places for cosmetic use to protect human health, pet health and the environment. WAVE provides a solution for unsightly weeds and vegetation. It is there for ideally suited for the control of weeds in public spaces on permeable and semi permeable and paved surfaces such as:

  • pathways/driveways
  • tree and shrub-surrounds
  • along hedges and grassed areas
  • on mulched areas
  • in row culture such as orchards, vineyards and nurseries

WAVE technology
can be used by

Are you looking for the most effective and low-energy method for
weed control?

WAVE Technology

  • Over 10 years of proven effectiveness in the field
  • Offers improved weed control when compared to hot air, steam and burn type applications and requires fewer applications per season. (Independent data on file)
  • Fitted with vegetation detection technology which minimizes water use and optimizes the area covered with a tank load
  • Compatible with laws restricting the use of pesticides for cosmetic purposes
  • Safe to public and children, pets and the operator
  • No special licenses or permits required
  • No fire hazard, no dust, no damage to cars/lamppost/outer walls and no steel fragments left behind
  • Environment friendly and sustainable
  • Low Cost: no chemicals used
All things considered,
the best in weed control

The WAVE method

The WAVE method eradicates all sorts of weeds, algae and moss. WAVE offers the best price-quality ratio, the lowest Total Cost of Ownership, is environment-friendly and sustainable, suitable for all paved surfaces, works safely and without causing damage. In addition, we have our own Academy program to support and advise the customer in the area of weed control.

Conclusion: The best solution!


WAVE equipment is being made available in North America.
If you are interested in more information or using or selling WAVE equipment please contact us.