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WAVE Europe B.V.

Mid Series 22/8

WAVE’s manual machines are outstandingly suited to small to medium-sized surfaces and for touching up work. Operation is extremely accurate as a result of the use of a hand-held lance, and inaccessible places can also be treated. These machines are also suited to cleaning work. The machines can be transported on a trailer or pick-up.

Advantages Mid Series 22/8:

Extremely accurate and constant temperature control (around 98ºC)
Can also be used for high-pressure cleaning (e.g. walls, benches and structures)
Durable and weather-proof
No foam additive needed (cost-cutting)
No inconvenience, damage or fire hazard
Ergonomic, light-weight hand-held lance and hose
Standard water mains connection
Anti-limescale pump to prevent limescale deposits
Easy to load and off-load with a forklift truck
Built-in energy supply (no external generator needed)
Use of surface water possible

Standard specifications:

Capacity: 22 ha per season
1,250-2,500 m2 per day
8 litres per minute
Drive/heating: Petrol/diesel
Working pressure
Weed control: 2 bar
Working pressure for cleaning Variable adjustable to 50 bar maximum
Water temperature: Around 98˚C at lance
Burner: 1 (diesel)
Burner tank capacity: 31 litres
Water tank capacity: Optional
Temperature control: Electronic
Colour: RAL 5010 (base) and RAL 9006 (hood)
Hose: 1 x15 metres
Hand-held lance: 16 cm hot water weeder
Dimensions (l x b x h): 1,050 x 800 x 1,035 mm
Weight: 310 kg


Reel: 100˚ Celsius stainless steel reel
Surface water pump: Wacker PG2 pump incl. special filter, 5 metre suction hose with float
Starter: Electrical starter
Mobility: Mounted on any vehicle
Water tank: Various options, e.g. 500 litres, l x b x h 840 x 700 x 1,060 mm
Noise reduction: Silent Edition (silencer and extra insulation)
Hose extension: Up to 45 metres maximum
Hand-held lances 20 cm hot water weeder with or without wheels
Bear's claw lance
Cleaning lance
Cleaning lance with washing brush