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XL Series 120/34

The mounted machines possess large capacity and high efficiency. The mounted machines can be mounted or dismounted from a track-following equipment carrier of choice. This means that wherever the front end travels, the back follows in the same path. The operator can thus concentrate fully on weed control. The operator is also able to manoeuvre safely with the help of the rear-view camera. The wide, low-pressure tyres ensure that no tracks are left even when travelling over grass. The articulated tractor in combination with the side-shift helps to make the machine superbly suited to use in the urban environment.

Advantages XL Series 120/34:

The lowest service and operational costs in thermal weed control (Total Cost of Ownership).
Multiple applications
Environmentally friendly (low CO2 and low particulate emissions)
Vamil and Mia subsidy options
Meets Euro 6 standards with ease

Standard specifications:

Operating width: 1.00 metre dosing system distributed over four independently operated sections of 25 cm
Working pressure: 2 bar (tap pressure)
Maximum driving speed: 25-80 km/h (depending on equipment carrier)
Operating speed: 0.8 km/h (100% weed cover) 3.5 km/h (with very little weed cover)
Burners: 2 (diesel)
Burner tank capacity: 120 litres
Water tank capacity: from 500 litres (dependent on equipment carrier)
Manoeuvrability of dosing platform: 50-70 cm to left and right (optional)
Standard colour rear mounting: RAL 9006


Fast Forward 50 cm dosing unit for weed control along outer walls and gutters
Built-in GPS
Rear view camera
Surface water pump system (incl. suction set)
Hand-held lance with four metre hose or 12 metres on reel
High-capacity side sprayers and side-shift
Special lawn tyres for low wheel pressure
Unloading frame