WAVE Weed Control is now Heatweed Technologies

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WAVE Europe B.V.

Heatweed and Max Holder take over WAVE Weed Control B.V.

Scandinavian Heatweed Technologies AB and German, world renowned manufacturer Max Holder GmbH take over the business of former WAVE Weed Control B.V.

Since introducing hot water weed control to the Scandinavian market in 2013, Heatweed is today synonymous with quality, innovation and a strong commitment to results. The company enjoys a clear market leading position in all Scandinavian countries. German Max Holder, one of the preferred providers in the multi-purpose implement carrier segment, is present in 62 countries and growing. As of March 1st, Heatweed and Holder GmbH establish Heatweed Technologies GmbH and take over the former WAVE business and portfolio. The company becomes the largest weed control solution provider for professionals in Europe.

WAVE Weed Control, a Dutch company out of Van de Haar Landscaping, started in Holland in 2003. In the early days, the company catered only to their owners and the local municipalities before they slowly branched into Belgium and Germany. WAVE took onboard their first importer, Heatweed Technologies AB, in 2013 and has seen a strong growth since.
«We lead by our vision, which is to set the standard for non-chemical weed control. Therefore, we have an obligation to our customers to deliver high quality machines and support, while securing continuous focus on innovation. To be able to achieve this, collaborating with Holder to take over the WAVE business and portfolio, was a logical conclusion, says Johan Rud, CTO and co-owner of Scandinavian Heatweed Technologies AB.

«For our customers, the changes will be felt in improved support across the board. Being the innovator and market leader doesn’t mean we accept status quo”, says Cecilie Ruud, interim CEO of Heatweed Technologies GmbH. “We are a research based company with a strong commitment to our customers and we continue to innovate, grow and strengthen our technology and operations to benefit them all. By placing the headquarters of Heatweed Technologies GmbH at the former WAVE site in Veenendaal, Netherlands, a smooth transfer of knowledge and of all existing business processes will be guaranteed”, she continues.